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For prospective clients, we thank you for linking to this page to gain a better understanding of how we may be able to help you with your Senior Level Searches.  For 2015, the business climate will unquestionably be very competitive.  While it is important for your staff to be composed of the top performers possible, it is absolutely essential that your Senior Team is composed of the top Executives in the country.  It is obvious now more than ever that hiring or maintaining a marginal front office will not lead to success. It is for this reason that the Executive Division for Precision Placements was formed.

When PPI was started in the early nineties, we specialized in placing managers and engineers in manufacturing.  Beginning in 2000, PPI started moving to a more Senior placement focus. With our President having experience running large operations before he started executive search, this was a natural progression. We quickly saw that our Senior Operational and Marketing Experience allowed to more easily understand the particular traits needed for a C-level Executive verses a mid level manager. Since that time we have placed a number of Presidents and CEO's from industries as diverse as Consumer Goods, Hunting Equipment, Luxury Apparel, Food Services, T-shirts / Athleticwear, and our traditional Textile Industry.

With our Executive Searches, our process starts with a thorough discussion of what you need. Here is brief description of our process:

  • We will initially research your industry to indentify what makes an exceptional candidate.
  • We will then search our extensive network of contacts to find out who may lead us to the right person. While we have 10ís of thousands of resumes in our database, ironically the best person is often someone who is not in our system, but the odds are very strong that they are known by someone in our system.
  • Then we will go to referrals from industry contacts that we have developed from the over 20 years that we have been doing executive search.
  • From these searches, we will establish a short list (2 to 3 names) of executives that most closely match what you are looking for and who want to pursue an opportunity with your company. Through our network, we are almost assuredly within a couple degrees of separation of those candidates, but making these connections is a critical step.
  • We will then email you these resumes for your perusal. At that point, you can decide which of the candidates that you would like to speak with, and how you want to initiate the conversation (i.e., by phone or in person).
  • After that we will evaluate the candidates with you, look at the strengths and weaknesses, and submit additional candidates that may better have what you want.
  • If we have slightly missed the mark with these initial candidates, your feedback at this point will also help us hone in on finding the right person.
  • Along the way, we will be supporting you, acting as an extension of your company  to help keep the candidates excited about your opportunity.
  • Once you have decided that a candidate may be right, we will do a thorough reference check on the candidate with people who they have worked for and with throughout their career. We will also assist you in "closing the sale" to get that candidate on board and them in their transition to your company.
  • For the first couple of months, we will be in contact with the hired candidate helping to insure a smooth start.
In addition to contingency and retainer search, PPI can help you in other ways if it would be beneficial. Precision Consulting is part of our Executive Division. Besides Management Consulting, we can assist you in a consulting capacity helping you in putting an offer together and working on a compensation package. For a small additional fee, we will even assist you during the interviewing process. If it would be beneficial to you, we will personally be at the interview and assist you during it.

For Executive Searches, we recommend retainer searches.  With our retainer searches we will personally meet you to discuss your needs and plan a strategy to find you the best candidate available. We have found that this allows us a greater perspective in some of the special nuances for these critical executives in your organization.  We still offer both retainer and contingency searches for our Executive Division though. 

Precision Placements has the expertise and experience to help you find and secure the right professional for you.  Please contact us at (843) 886-9101 or email us at , and we can further discuss how we can help you get the right talent for your organization.



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